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My life led me to write this book. So many parts are based on my personal and professional life. As you read it, you will wonder what is real and what is my creative mind.

I have started on the sequel. If you like the first book. I can only tell you the first chapters of the second book will blow you away.


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Sean Hanlon, a middle-class kid growing up in Chicago's tough south-side.
His love for a girl brings him into a Mafia family. Graduating from law school, he ends up representing the mob.
What starts out as a good life takes a turn. He begins to hate his life. Tragedy strikes and he seeks revenge. Death is the only way out.

     Publishing Date To Be Determined

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Richard's Writings
My short stories may also be found on several writer's websites.
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                                        About the Writer

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I am a retired Detective Lieutenant from a large suburban Detroit police department. During my twenty-eight years, I spent twenty of those years working as an undercover narc, crime scene specialist, and criminal investigator.

My wife and I recently returned to my home state, Michigan. It is great to be home!!

I am proud of my Irish citizenship, which I share with my United States citizenship.

I recently finished my first book. 


I am currently seeking publication. I have successfully had several stories published in various monthly publications.

I also have enjoyed success with short stories.

My style of writing style varies. I enjoy writing crime stories, romance, faith, and family. My goal in writing is to keep from being locked into one particular genre. “I write for the love of writing and the hope my readers find enjoyment in those writings.”

""A well-written story will make a reader feel as if they are part of it."


Ready to Get Published


Washington Twp. Michigan

Thank you for Interest

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