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My New Book and Me...................

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Retirement and Covid have allowed me time to pursue my dream of writing. I have written many short stories and have articles published in various magazines.

I have a new book titled; “Love and Revenge–The Life of a Mafia Attorney.”

Although a fictional novel. I used both my personal and professional knowledge in writing this story.

It is about Sean Hanlon, a young guy growing up in Chicago’s tough south-side who meets and falls immediately in love with the granddaughter of one of Chicago’s Mafia families. Their romance nearly costs him his life but endears him to her grandfather so much, so he allows them to marry and send Sean through law school. Sean joins a law firm that represents the mob and immediately shows his courtroom brilliance by winning case after case. This brings him fame and money, but problems at home. He begins to hate what he does and the people he represents. He knows death is his only way out. A tragic event pushes him over the edge and revenge is the only thought on his mind.

As of August 18, 2021, my book is currently undergoing the editing process. As soon as that has been completed, it will move to the next step a review of a Literary Agent.

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