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One Mistake Nearly Cost Me My Life

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Another bitterly cold winter night in Michigan. I looked over at my partner, Officer Chris Baldino.

"Less than two hours to go and I am going home and jump into bed. Denise will take care of the boys, no court on Saturday, so I am sleeping all the way to dinner."

"That is exactly what I am going to do. What a night this has been. Don't these people realize it's ten below zero with the wind? Apparently, they don't. Look at this stack of reports. I am still not done."

"I agree. Like the last run over on Merrill. Those two idiots had to get into an argument in the middle of the street. When we pulled up there are at least twenty people cheering them on."

"Richard, you impressed the hell out of me on that one. I loved how you just pushed your way through the crowd and started yelling, the party is over, unless you want to go to jail, get out of here. It worked."

"I learned that one from Sgt. Watson. You come in like that and they know you mean business."

"Or you are nuts."

Before I could give it back to Chris.

"Dispatch to Frank-10."

Chris grabbed the mic.

"Go for Frank-10."

"Frank-10, - Go to 59345 Mound Road. The female resident called. Her husband came home intoxicated and started arguing with her. Caller advised he slapped her twice on the right side of her face. There are no weapons in the home."

"FRANK-10 -10-4,"

Chris hung up the mic. "This run may delay our getting off at seven?"

"I tell you what, if he hit his wife, the old man is going with us. How about we guess what the exact time is when we call out. Loser gets the report and booking. Winner gets to go home."

"Richard, that is why we make brilliant partners. I was thinking the same thing. I will take 0516hrs."

"I will take 0518hrs. I promise to drive at the speed we normally go on a run like this one."

When we arrived, Chris called out and asked for the time. Dispatch responded.

"0518hrs – FRANK-10"

With a bit of joy in my voice. "Looks like I will be going home on time."

Chris was a bit sarcastic. "I am so happy for you."

"Why Officer Baldino, that did not sound meaningful."

As we walked up to the house, we could hear both of them yelling at each other. They were yelling so loud they didn't hear the doorbell. Chris hit the front door with a few loud knocks and shouted, "Police."

A moment later, a woman in her late twenties opened the front door and let us in. She was breathing heavy, no doubt from arguing. We could see the husband standing in the living room. He, too, was breathing heavy. She looked at us and said, "I am so glad you are here; he was going to kill me."