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They Didn't Listen

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I stood atop the destroyed U.S. Capitol building. Lying in the rubble under my foot was a calendar opened to July, with the 4th circled. I picked it up and threw it into the wind watching it blow across a city that had been flattened to piles of rubble. No building was untouched by the blast.

Standing there I began crying, unable to comprehend what laid before me. Washington had been my home for most of my life. Thoughts of friends and people I worked with made me cry even harder. I hoped they were not in the city when it happened. As I dried my tears, I saw groups of survivors picking through the rubble. Some searching for their loved ones. While others were looking for food. Gunshots could be heard off in the distance. Most likely from the one group that preyed upon the weak. Taking anything of value they had with them. Killing those that resisted.

Trying to move on, I found, I could not. The site of what laid all around me, along with the thoughts of the people I knew, would not allow it.

So, I stood there looking at the rubble of the capitol building, my mind drifted back to that July.

Our leaders like the rest of the world bought into global warming as the most serious threat against humanity. All of them were deceived by scientists loyal to the communists. Meanwhile, the Russian and Chinese military harassed our forces, and cyberattacks on America continued unabated. While our leaders did nothing but make idle threats. They used global warming as their shield from the public. A few of us knew they were lying.

I worked for the C.I.A., as the department head of the Russian intelligence section. On the 2nd of July, I received startling information from one of our agents in Russia. I immediately went to my boss and laid out everything we had learned about the Russian and Chinese plans. My boss, Major George Frohm, a retired army intelligence man. He just sat there listening not even asking a question.

I knew he would get my report to the president. I had never been so stressed. My heart was pounding, and my mind was overloaded. What terrified me was the fact we only had two days to prepare and form some type of response to both countries.

When I finished, he picked up his phone and called the White House. The next thing I knew, he grabbed his suit jacket, and said: "Richard, come with me." He yelled for his driver, and we headed to the parking garage. In the car, he told me I was to present my information to the president and her security team.

When we arrived at the White House, he asked, "Richard, please don't lose your temper. The president is a good woman, but she is surrounded by politicians whose re-elections come before anything.”

“I get angry. Come on boss?”

“Exactly! I know your opinion of politicians.”

As we walked into the White House situation room, the president's security team was present along with several senators from both parties. We took our seats as soon as President Madison Curlett entered the room. She looked at us. "Mr. Frohm, you have critical information for us?" "Yes, Madam President. Present with me is Richard Mueller the head of our Russian intelligence section." The president motioned for me to proceed. “Madam President, our information shows the Russians and Chinese have planned a two-prong attack on America. First, both would engage in cyberattacks on the nation's major power grids, communication systems, most importantly the military and government systems. Then follow with major air attacks. Jointly striking predetermined cities. Washington DC is of course top on the list. We have observed over the past three months a significant build-up of both Russian and Chinese armed forces. That information I believe Mr. Frohm provided to you and this security team. The date chosen by them appears to be this coming 4th of July.” My boss spoke up. “Madam President we are absolutely positive about their plans. The date we are almost as certain. They know the 4th of July is the most significant day in our country's history. What better day to launch a surprise attack.”

The president looked down at the table and then back at us. The look on her face said it all. Utter disbelief.

“Mr. Mueller, you are talking in two days.”

“Yes, Madam President.”

The president's appearance reflected the concern shared by most of those in the room. However, several senators did not have the look you would expect someone that just heard what was coming.

Almost all of the questions we received were good questions from people concerned for our country. What concerned me were the questions from a group of senators, led by the senate majority leader, Senator John Miller. Doubting the accuracy of the intelligence we presented.

I kept my patience, remembering what my boss had told me. But it was the last question from Senator Miller that made me explode. He asked; "If you can predict with certainty this is going to occur. Why can't you give the president an exact date? I mean you come in here, the head of one of our top sections in the CIA, and all you can say is maybe the fourth?" That was it, I had taken enough of their absurd questions. I leaned over and whispered to my boss. “These are the people that lead us. It is a miracle this has not happened sooner.” I stood up and pounded my fist on the table and yelled. "Senator Miller, you want to know why I don't have an exact date? Before our agent in Russia had the chance to give us that information. He killed himself rather than be captured by the Russian secret police. I started to walk out of the room. My boss grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “Richard, I don’t give a damn about Miller, but you cannot walk out on the president.”

The president obviously could tell I did not care for Senator Miller and excused me from the meeting. My boss told me to wait outside for him.

An hour later he came out shaking his head. Senator Miller with a slim majority was able to convince the president to handle the situation through political channels. I could not believe what he had just told me.

"For God's sakes boss, are they that stupid?" He just smiled and said to me. “I sugges