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Just Another Night

As I opened the door to head to the parking lot. I had to catch my breath. I thought it was muggy last night. Tonight was worse. My partner, Chris Baldino, was right behind me. “This weather is frickin ridiculous. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t we in Michigan? Because if I didn’t know any better, I would think we are in Georgia.”

Chris and I had been patrol car partners for the last five years. Currently, we worked the 11pm to 7am shift. We met in high school and were roommates in college. Both married, with children. We even hired on the police department at the same time.

I looked over at him. “What do you think, will tonight be busier than last night?”

“Rick, why did you have to say such a stupid thing? You know that comment is the kiss of death.”

Just as he finished. I heard our dispatch calling, “ADAM-10.” I looked at Chris. “For God’s sake, at least give us a few minutes to get to the car.”

He barked back at me, “I told you. Your big mouth was the kiss of death.”

I grabbed the mic for my portable radio off my shirt collar. “ADAM-10.”

“ADAM-10. Start heading to 53298 Goldberg, an Attempt Suicide in progress. The resident advises their nineteen-year-old son is in the basement threatening to kill himself with a butcher’s knife. The son is apparently despondent over a fight with his girlfriend. There are no firearms in the home. ADAM-11, you will have the backup.”

“ADAM-10, 10-4 on the way.”

“ADAM-11, Will be on the way.”

“Didn’t I tell you, Rick? You had to open your big mouth.”

“I heard you the first time.”

We ran to our car and threw our gear inside. I jumped behind the wheel and buckled up as Chris got into the passenger side and turned on our emergency lights and siren and we were off to Goldberg.

After I made the turn out of the station parking lot. I turned towards Chris. “This is going to be an interesting call.”

“You aren’t kidding. Any ideas how you want to handle this one?”

“Chris, you know I have the gift of gab. I will talk him right into the ambulance.”

“Can’t you be serious for once?” “I am. Talking with the kid is the best option. Get him to relax and go from there. I know I can do it.”

As we neared Goldberg, I shut our emergency equipment off. We had worked together in Adam—area for almost four years. So we knew the address we wanted was almost to the end of the block and on our right side.

As we neared the house, Chris said; “There it is, two up from here.”

“ADAM-10 to ADAM-11. It is the white bungalow on the northeast corner of Goldberg and Chapman.”

“Got it, we will be out in two.”

I told Chris to tell them to stay in their car until we talk with the kids’ parents.

“ADAM-10 to ADAM-11,”

“Go for ADAM-11.”

“Jim, you two stay where you are at until we speak with the parents.”